Monday, July 30, 2018

An East Wind Blowing

The love of two young men is forged in their struggle to survive against barbarian invaders.
It's early summer -- the very depths of the Dark Ages, in a land not yet known as England. The Romans have recently departed, but fragments of their world linger. The native Britons are being driven out of the north-east by barbarian Angles who sail in on the east wind, seeking new land.
Ronan is a farmer's son with warrior dreams … Bryn, the heir of a chieftain. Both are eager to defend their home, but a social abyss of divides them, though they are powerfully drawn to each other.
Amid invasion and atrocity, Ronan and Bryn bury their differences and combine forces. Bryn's heritage is razed in a night of battle when Ronan is blooded as a warrior -- only luck leaves the two alive at dawn … alive and alone in a homeland that's become enemy territory. They must flee, while Bryn burns with a useless ambition to raise an army, take back his home.

"As with his FORTUNES OF WAR and WHITE ROSE OF NIGHT, Mel Keegan conjures up an atmospheric tale in which love between men is forged in battles they must fight." -- GMP, 1999 edition.

Novel length: 135,000 words
Rated: adult (18+; sex, violence, language)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9807092-9-2
Publication date: July 2011
Publisher: DreamCraft
Price: $6.99 - ebook
Cover: Jade

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