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The Fantasy Titles

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THE SWORDSMAN is widely recognized as the first out-and-out Keegan fantasy, though there are broad fantasy elements in WHITE ROSE OF NIGHT, and of course BREAKHEART had appeared in SWORDS OF THE RAINBOW (an Alyson Publications title, 1999). 

Next came NOCTURNE, a huge opus which opened up a new phase in DreamCraft's gay publishing list ... the book was by far the longest work we had handled to date. In NOCTURNE, the reader steps into the astonishing world of the vampyre and their beloved changelings. That first novel only begins to tickle the surface of what is possible in the realm of gay vampyre fantasy. 

Then ... TWILIGHT, the sequel to NOCTURNE, which brought the characters and scenario forward by fifteen years or so, into the dawn of the twentieth century. It was just as dangerous to be gay, and easily twice as dangerous to be a vampyre or changeling! Technology has begun to lick into the lives of these characters, and of humans... 

A little later came WINDRAGE, which is very definitely a gay fantasy, albeit with a twist of SF — in fact, it's a 'gunfighter versus the outlaw badguys' gay western, mounted on super-bikes, in a South Aussie location some years after the world was hit by an asteroid! This one has already become a reader favorite, since it was published by DreamCraft in 2007. Another story about these characters is in the works ... more about that later! 

More recently came a classical work, THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE, in which a fantasy world of amazing richness was created and explored ... then a paranormal tale co-written with Jayne DeMarco, UMBRIEL, which touches on amazing high fantasy ... and also the first of a trilogy, LEGENDS: The Winds of Chance, in which MK turns time back by 12,000 years, and the technicolor backdrop is the ruined and dying empire of the Atlan. 

The most recent of Mel's fantasy tales is SHADOW AND FLAME, published in January, 2012. A young fire juggler is making his way west on the Spice Road, and he's run into dangerous company without realizing it. He's about to need a hero, big time. Good thing a walking mystery who calls himself Giero is in the caravanserai that night! 

MK's gay fantasy writings are vast, and as yet just a handful have been published. There's not one gay fantasy and SF trilogy, but several, and rafts of shorter pieces telling stories of Celtic fantasy, the occult, and much more. 

Next out from Mel in the realm of fantasy was a short piece, SHADOW AND FLAME, and what it might lack in length it more than makes up for in rich texture and spice! 

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