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When Scott Lennox finds himself the sole heir to the estate of his recently deceased uncle, he thinks his luck has finally turned. What he's inherited is the worst kind of trouble: a neglected mansion on a bleak moor, with an unseasonal blizzard coming in ... and ancient Falconstone hides a terrible secret.

Its thousand-year history is blood-soaked. By night, its halls murmur with the voices of those who perished there. For Scott, Falconstone presents the greatest challenge of his young life -- but the dangerous riddle of this house brings antiquarian Adam Harding to the moor, and Scott knows in a moment, he is the one.

Together, they unravel the mystery of Falconstone. Together they'll face the threat of the shadowy Covenant of Shedim, while the moor whitens with premature winter and they discover themselves trapped. Outside, killing cold. Inside ... the ancient, desperate madness that is Falconstone.

A contemporary, supernatural mystery-romance set in England's wild northeast, where the past is close at hand and the future is uncertain.

Novel length: 136,000 words
Rated: adult (18+; sex, violence, language)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9758080-5-3
Publication date: November 2018
Publisher: DreamCraft
Price: $6.99 - ebook; $17.99 paperback
Cover: Jade

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