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Ground Zero

Bizarre murders, high-tech robberies and a new virus are the tip of the iceberg in an astonishing mystery.

2048, South Australia: the new Franklin University hosts Dr. Robert Strachan's Paranormal Studies department, where Lee Ronson and Brendan Scott head the data analysis team. The best in a tough business, they'll be tested to the limit in an assignment passed to them by a baffled, overwhelmed Adelaide PD. 

The winter-locked city suffers numerous weird murders, robberies at labs -- and a virus with no apparent source. Every two days, a new body -- drained of blood. Every two days, a weapons research or energy facility is breached, while the virus known only by a codename is so new, no one has immunity and Adelaide is crippled.

Lee Ronson and Brendan Scott -- life partners as well as workmates -- take point in an investigation filled with unexpected hazard and equally unforeseen reward, in this sexy near-future gay thriller from the pen of long-time favorite author Mel Keegan

(Caveat: material in this free sample is not suitable for juniors. Consider yourself warned!) 

Novel length: 105,000 words
Rated: adult (18+; sex, violence, language) 
Publication date: May 2009
Publisher: DreamCraft
Price: $6.99 - ebook; $16.99 - paper (NEW LOWER PRICE)
Cover: Jade

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Mel Keegan talks about GROUND ZERO 

What's this -- another new book from Mel Keegan, in the same year?! In fact, it is -- and Keegan might even be able to get a third one out this side of Christmas (three books in 2009: woah). 

First off, I want to hand out kudos: Jade excelled on this one. This cover is outta sight. We are talking about serious delight. I confess to performing a couple of laps of the office without touching the ground, when I received the proof. 

So, what's the book about? I'm describing it as "a sexy very-near-future SF thriller, set in the fair city of Adelaide, South Australia, in the winter of 2048, where a couple of gorgeous guys are investigating a series of weird murders and high-tech robberies, which lead them to a specific location, at a certain time ... and a life and death struggle they didn't see coming." 

I've had a lot of fun "tweaking" the present through four more decades. How will this city change and grow? How will technology affect us? I've had a blast with this book, and I know it shows in the narrative. The heroes are a couple of beauties, Lee Ronson and Brendan Scott. They're a couple; and one of the advantages of living in '48 is that the GLBT community is fully integrated into society -- prejudice has been left behind. 

Once again, I've set the book in winter. I did this with Storm Tide too. Two Aussie gay novels set in winter. Why?? Well, for one thing, I prefer the winter. Also, by 2048, global warming is going to so rough, I have a feeling our summers will be so hot, running around, full-tilt, will be a right royal pain. Also (fact!) everyone expects an Aussie novel to be about beaches and barbies and sweating, and I wanted (and still do) to be different. 

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