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Co-written with Jayne DeMarco 

Lonely, storm-swept, silent, the ruin of Saint Martin's Abbey has earned quite a reputation. Mention it to the locals, they'll give you an odd look and say, "You know it's haunted." 
Rick Gray buys a cottage in a nearby village, looking for peace and quiet to find himself after years in the tough trade of the pro photographer. Sundown brings a storm -- perfect lighting conditions for the spectacular images that made him famous. Against advice, he heads to the abbey to work fast while the light holds... 
When it fades, a fragment of the mystery of St. Martin's lies in his hands. The man calls himself John -- just John. For Rick, it's love a first sight.
The next twenty-four hours will be beyond anything he ever imagined. If he hadn’t seen it, felt it all, with his own senses, he would never have believed. 

But seeing ... feeling ... is believing. Co-written with Jayne DeMarco.

(Caveat: material in this free sample is not suitable for juniors. Consider yourself warned!) 

Length: 45,000 words
Rated: adult (18+; sex, violence, language) 
Publication date: 2010; DreamCraft reissue, 2009
Publisher: DreamCraft
Price: $4.99 - ebook
Cover: Jade

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