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The Vampyre Novels

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Get ready for something very different in terms of vampire (or vampyre) fiction. Leave it to Mel Keegan to reinvent everything you ever thought you knew about this genre, then add some of the more delicious gay heroes you've ever encountered, and stage the whole extraordinary opus in a historical setting which spans centuries. 

To date only two Vampyre novels have been published -- but the first one, Nocturne itself, is three or even four times the length of an average ebook, and Twilght (which was published long before the current teen movie of the same title) is double the length, so it's as if you have six books in your hands here ... for the price of two.

(Several more tales have been 'written in notes,' to be explored when MK's time, muse and health permit, but no firm promises are being made at this time.)


Step into the glittering midnight world of the ancient ... the immortal ... he vampyre! 

Intrigue murder and madness welcome Captain Vincent Bantry home to the City of London. The year is 1892. 

He is a veteran of the Far East, opium smugglers and Manchu warlords, but little in Bantry’s experience has prepared him for what he will see, hear and feel when he meets the young Irish occultist, Michael Flynn. Their future unfolds in the Tarot cards – danger, pain and struggle – but the end of their story cannot be told. And what of the past? 

The mystery of Michael Flynn draws Bantry into a strange, occult world, at once alien and irresistible. Instinctively, he knows Flynn is different, not merely beautiful, brilliant, exotic, but unlike any other man Bantry has ever known. Soon Vincent is caught up in a tangle of deceit, cruelty and danger, one jump ahead of the law, and seduced by the mystery, the grandeur of a midnight world into which he has glimpsed ... and which he greatly desires. 


Mel Keegan returns to the voluptuous realm of the vampyre and the changeling .... but madness and murder once again haunt Vince Bantry and Michael Flynn. 

England, 1905. A new century has begun ... and for both changeling and the vampyre, the challenge is to survive in a world which is rapidly changing. The era of science has been born. The automobile, the telephone and forensic medicine complicate the already difficult lives of the Children of the Night. The vampyre show themselves more rarely, and their beloved changelings must be more cautious than ever. 

A newspaper from the Devonshire region carries a disturbing story which makes terrible sense to Vince Bantry and Michael Flynn. Changelings very like themselves are perishing in the bleak, beautiful moorland, and others have vanished utterly. Who is murdering, and why? And what has become of the ‘bad boy,’ the big, blond, handsome and irresistible Nicholas Crane, whose reputation as a profligate and scoundrel is a legend in the county? Nick was last seen in the company of a changeling woman, before both disappeared ... and the turmoil of blood, deceit and fear began.

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

Scott Lennox has inherited was the worst kind of trouble: a neglected mansion on a bleak moor, with an unseasonal blizzard coming in from Scandinavia ... and ancient Falconstone is hiding a terrible secret. Its thousand-year history is blood-soaked. By night, its halls murmur with the voices of those who perished there. For Scott, Falconstone presents the greatest challenge of his young life -- but the dangerous riddle of this house brings antiquarian Adam Harding to the moor, and Scott knows in a moment, this is the one. More...

Photographer Rick Gray works long into the twilight, while the light holds. As it fades, a fragment of the mystery of St. Martin's Abbey falls his hands.The next twenty-four hours will be beyond anything he ever imagined: if he hadn’t seen it, felt it all, with his own senses, he would never have believed. More...

The winter-locked city suffers numerous weird murders, robberies at labs -- and a virus with no apparent source. Every two days, a new body -- drained of blood. Every two days, a weapons research or energy facility is breached, while the virus known only by a codename is so new, no one has immunity. Bizarre murders, high-tech robberies and this new virus are the tip of the iceberg in an astonishing mystery. More...

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